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Cvil Engineering

B.Tech in Cvil Engineering

The program is approved by AICTE and Government of Haryana and is affiliated to Maharishi Dayanand University, Rohtak (MDU),Rohtak Civil Engineering is the oldest branch of science. In a developing country like India construction activity is the second largest economic activity next to agriculture .The amount of money invested and the job provided by the civil engineering industry
Are much larger than any other industry. Many major projects like Express ways, River linking projects, Metro rails, Nuclear power projects, Hydropower projects, Docks and Harbors, Fly overs,  International Air ports are coming up in various parts of the country .Due to developments in the IT industry many IT parks are coming up in major cities. The scenario is almost same at international level.

Placement Opportunities
Civil Engineering graduates have a wide variety of professional options available to them. Some enter the practice of civil engineering, working for engineering firms or starting their own businesses; others work for city, state, or country governmental organizations, becoming city, state, or country engineers. Still others pursue Masters or Ph.D. degrees, which lead either to academic positions or higher level jobs within the private sector.

Ultimately, an engineering degree provides a rigorous exposure to logical thinking and the design process. With the immense growth in housing infrastructure development, nuclear projects, Hydropower project etc. There is ever growing demand for well educated and well trained civil engineering students all over the world.

Change in Technology in last five years
In the past few years the scope of civil engineering has grown to include several new areas of study that is Project Management ,Life cycle design ,Real time monitoring ,Rehabilitation, Smart systems, Space structures, Remote sensing and Geographical information system ,Design using softwares ,Bus rapid transit system, Metro rail, Mega city development ,Malls etc
Future scope
There is unlimited scope to this discipline at national as well as international level as every day there is growing demand for housing, amenities and infrastructure. In India major projects like golden quadrilateral and River interlinking projects are coming up. In future civil engineers are required to deal with the major problem’s like water scarcity, Environmental pollution, Solid west management Traffic management etc.

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