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Labs & Workshops

Physics Laboratory
The institute has a well-equipped spacious and ventilated Physics laboratory with state of the art instruments conforming with the latest technology which caters to the requirements of experiments to be performed. It has a proper dark room to conduct the prescribed experiments related to "OPTICS".

Chemistry Laboratory
Chemistry lab has a capacity of 50 students to work at a time. The laboratory is equipped with all the necessary equipments and each student is provided with a separate gas burner, burette and pipette (for titration experiments) at his/her table. We are having all the latest devices, and equipments with complete manuals of instructions.

Electronics Labs
The Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering of the Institute takes special care for acquainting the students with the latest development. The department of Electronics & Communication Engineering is having well equipped laboratories. The department has following fully developed laboratories.
Analog Electronics
Digital Electronics
Microwave Engg
Network Theory.
Power Electronics.
Control Systems
Communication System
Integrated Electronics
Satellite Communication .
Microprocessor Interfacing.

Computer Labs
The Institute has three state-of-art Computer laboratories that house a huge number of Pentium IV nodes equipped with latest technologies connected through a campus wide network. In addition to full fledged server room with five latest servers, campus has three computer laboratories to provide flexibility of working hours for students as well as to maintain the ratio of one user to one computer. Institute has a 6MBPS Internet leased line connection.
We are having all the licensed software which is required as per syllabus.

Mechanical Workshops
All the laboratories are equipped with latest equipments, machines, devices, manuals, hardware as well as wide range of system and Application Software. The students are given equipments, devices, system individually to gain knowledge as well as hands on experience in various environments.
We are having all the manuals, books and experienced faculty.

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